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Little Man Coop

I’ve learned something. And that something is how my little boy says, “I love you.” Cooper’s “Hi, Mom,” can mean lots of different things. When I’m laying down next to him, he’ll pop out with, “Hi, Mom,” several times just to let me know that he likes being with me. After he’s disobeyed, a “Hi,… Read More Little Man Coop

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The Pepper

Cooper has learned to say his name, but it comes out more like “Pepper.” He’s been pretty possessive of his name. When we call him anything other than Cooper—or a variation of Cooper—he insists, “No, I Pepper!” I’ll say, “Are you my treasure?” “No, I Pepper!” “You are a big boy.” “No, I Pepper!” One… Read More The Pepper

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Sometimes it means “purple,” sometimes “red,” and sometimes it means whatever Cooper is wanting at the moment. Whether or not yellow is his favorite color, it’s definitely his favorite color to say. He loves looking out the window as we drive and telling us about the “yellow car.” In other Cooper news, he decided about… Read More “Yellow”

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Cooper Love

Everyone needs a Coop. Everyone needs a Cooper hug. He doesn’t give hugs readily, but when the Coopster hugs you, you get a neck squeeze that makes your day. Cooper made Aunt Rebekah’s visit to Arizona something special! He adopted her as his second mommy. Cooper never really did warm up to my family during our Christmas… Read More Cooper Love