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The Pepper

Cooper has learned to say his name, but it comes out more like “Pepper.” He’s been pretty possessive of his name. When we call him anything other than Cooper–or a variation of Cooper–he insists, “No, I Pepper!”December5001December5002

I’ll say, “Are you my treasure?”

“No, I Pepper!”

“You are a big boy.”

“No, I Pepper!”

One day Silas was telling Cooper that he was young. Of course it was very upsetting to Coop, who retorted, “No, I Pepper!”December5003

He’s also very possessive of his age. He can’t manage to put two fingers in the air, so he smashes his fingers together and holds up both hands to tell you that he’s 2.

Silas–the great life-thinker in our house–was trying to explain to Cooper that one day Cooper would be 4. It was very disconcerting to the little man who emphatically started saying, “2! 2!”

That little “Pepper” is just too chubby-cheeked for his own good!

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