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First Stitches

It happened! We got our first stitches last night.

Stephen and Cooper were at home while Silas and I attended Kids4Truth at church. Cooper ran head long into our padded ottoman and still managed to score a gash above his right eyebrow. It bled a lot, but once Stephen cleaned it up and gave Coop a bandaid, Cooper was totally happy.April6005

Since I had both car seats with me at church, Stephen called, and Silas and I came home to help take Cooper to the urgent care. We tried Goodnight Pediatrics for the first time. It’s an urgent care that specializes in pediatric care.April6002

They saw Cooper right away and determined that he needed stitches. Since I’m from a family of all girls, I’ve never had stitches or seen them done, so it was an education for me. The worst part was the needle they used to numb his eyebrow. Poor little dude was crying lots of tears, but he was very brave. He looked at me with his big teary eyes and said, “All done now?”April6001

Thankfully, the little man laid so still as the doctor gave him four stitches. I couldn’t believe this was the same child that, back in February, refused to even stand on the scale at the doctor’s office. He’s grown up a lot in the past few months.April7001

After the ordeal was over, we drove to Culver’s for some frozen custard where our friends, the Horkavys, joined us. I’m sure there are more stitches in our future, but thankfully our first incident was minor.April6004

2 thoughts on “First Stitches

  1. Awww, Cooper. 🙁 What a brave boy. I was missing having a 24 hour Urgent Care available last night when we had our first dislocated elbow. No stitches for us yet, though. 😉

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