Our Story

We’re Stephen and Elisabeth Moody {with little Silas, Cooper & Brynn in tow}.

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If you learn just one thing about us, we hope it’s this–that Jesus is our Treasure. We are not the point of our story. Christ is.

We live just west of Portland, Oregon in what we have lovingly dubbed The Shire. The Pacific Northwest has astonished us with its beauty and friendliness. We seek to revel in God’s good gifts as we love those around us well. This song pretty much sums up how we feel about the intersection of our faith and this new adventure God’s given to us. We’re dancing in Christ’s marvelous light! 

In our spare time, we love to travel and explore new places. We are always up for an adventure–especially if it includes a good cheese. Some must-haves for us include coffee, Asian food, crisp air, and lots of grace to go around.

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Stephen grew up amidst the farmlands of Indiana, and Elisabeth was raised in the hills of “wild, wonderful” West Virginia. After meeting in college through a mutual friend, and after dating for over four years, we were (finally!) married in 2006.


We began our lives together with three years in the mid-west. Then we loaded our stuff into a Penske truck and moved to Arizona to help plant a church on the west side of Phoenix. We spent nearly seven years in the desert working alongside Crossroad Baptist Church.welcometoarizona

Silas joined our family in November of 2010. What a joy our son is. God is good to bless us with the gift of parenthood.

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Our mini Cooper arrived in November of 2012, giving Silas a little brother and filling our hearts with more love than we thought possible.

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The little cherry on top, Brynn, came in June of 2015. We love seeing our daughter blossom, and her big brothers adore her!

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Stephen is the Chief Technology Officer for an IT services company, which offered him the opportunity to establish a Portland office. So, we loaded another Penske truck and moved here to Oregon in the summer of 2016. Elisabeth loves being a stay-at-home-mom and celebrating each day with our little peeps. 

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We serve an ever-merciful and an incredibly powerful God who chooses to glorify Himself through mere people. One of our favorite Bible verses is Romans 8:32 which says,

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?