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Sometimes it means “purple,” sometimes “red,” and sometimes it means whatever Cooper is wanting at the moment. september8008september8003Whether or not yellow is his favorite color, it’s definitely his favorite color to say. He loves looking out the window as we drive and telling us about the “yellow car.”september8005

In other Cooper news, he decided about a month ago that he would start potty training. He loves sitting on his baby potty so much that it’s hard to get him off! He’s doing a great job.september8006

Cooper likes to close his eyes to “hide” from people. When he gets embarrassed at church or the grocery store, he’ll close his eyes and smile coyly as if to say, “You can’t see me.”september8004

While he can’t yet jump, he loves to stand on the ottoman, put one leg out, and fall on the couch or on us. It’s kind of like jumping for him.september8007

Cooper plays with stuffed animals–something Silas has never been into. He carries them around the house, rolls with them on the floor, and calls them “baby.” I love that little guy’s voice! He’s adding new words and phrases.september8002

His progress seems to be more like a gradual incline, while Silas’s growth has always seemed to jump suddenly from plateau to plateau. But in terms of height, Cooper definitely has the edge on Silas. That little Cooper Andrew has grown 5 inches already this year, and he still has two more months before his birthday!september8001

Hope you have happy “yellow” dreams tonight, Coop.september8009

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