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A Thanksgiving Birthday

We’re thankful Cooper turned 2! December1005He shared his birthday with Thanksgiving this year. It’s kind of interesting that this was Cooper’s 2nd Thanksgiving. Since the holiday moves around on the calendar, he didn’t have a Thanksgiving during his first year of life. He was born a few days after Thanksgiving and then celebrated his 1st birthday before the next Thanksgiving. Maybe I’m the only one that finds that interesting, but there ya go.

Instead of making a big fuss, we chose to keep things simple this year–a necessity for this pregnant mommy. Our morning began with watching some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

We invited some friends over who are like grandparents to the boys. They came early so Connie could help me with the meal prep. December1001Neither of our men wanted to eat turkey this year, so we had a spiral ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, and a cranberry salad. Simple is good.December1002

After lunch Cooper sat on his little baby bench to open his gifts. He’s a truck and car guy all the way, so that’s pretty much what he got. He loved them all!December1003

When it came time for the cake, he devoured his piece like nobody’s business. We adults indulged in some Hoosier sugar cream pie–Stephen’s favorite.December1004 {For the record, Silas was having a rough day. He took two–not one–but two voluntary naps, and he hardly ate a thing!}December1006

This was our first Thanksgiving at home in our 8 years of marriage. We’ve always gone to be with family or friends, so it was special to host our first holiday dinner.

God is always good, and His best gift is Himself. He’s been trying to teach me this past year and a half that He is enough for me. I am a stubborn student, so I’m especially thankful for friends like Connie who constantly point me to look to God and trust Him.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Birthday Cooper!

    (and by the way I found it interesting that this was just his second Thanksgiving too 🙂 )

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