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Big Brothers

Silas and Cooper have flung open their hearts to little Brynn. June2012They met baby sister for the first time while wearing their big brother shirts from Uncle Jason and Aunt Stephanie. Silas’s says “Security for My Little Sister” and Cooper’s says “Bodyguard for My New Sister.”June2002June2007

We had been telling Silas that his job would be to help put the pacifier and the bottle in baby sister’s mouth, so as soon as Brynn started crying, Silas grabbed the paci and plugged it in her mouth!June2005June2013

Cooper loves to give Brynn hugs. He’s a gentle giant, so his hugs are probably a bit overwhelming to tiny Brynn. Cooper is still convinced that he has a baby in his belly, and insisted we were getting another baby in two days.June2011June2015

Yesterday was my due date, but instead, we’ve been snuggling our cuddlebug for 10 whole days. I love to see both of the big brothers loving their baby!June2001June2016

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