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Cooper Love

Everyone needs a Coop. Everyone needs a Cooper hug. He doesn’t give hugs readily, but when the Coopster hugs you, you get a neck squeeze that makes your day.

Cooper made Aunt Rebekah’s visit to Arizona something special! He adopted her as his second mommy. june8021Cooper never really did warm up to my family during our Christmas visit to West Virginia. He was content to be left alone with his dry erase markers. But this summer visit was different. After being initially intimidated with all the new people around, Cooper quickly took to my family and LOVED hanging out with them.june8014june9002

Aunt Rebekah became his personal nanny and took such good care of him, that she won his heart! One of Cooper’s favorite things to do was to run to the front room and flop on Aunt Rebekah’s air mattress. Cooper would go back and forth between Rebekah and me, giving us hugs. He would even whimper and wiggle out of my arms to go to Aunt Rebekah. Giving toys was Cooper’s expression of love. Of course Aunt Rebekah needed toys first thing in the morning!june8018

One day, when the family was away, I asked Cooper if he wanted a snack, and he ran out to the front room looking for Aunt Rebekah. He knew who kept the snacks coming!june8017june8015june8023It made my mommy heart happy to see both Silas and Cooper love my family so!

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