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Football Is In the Air

Today is overcast, a bit of foreshadowing that autumn will eventually come. This heat will break. But whether or not the weather cooperates, football is coming.August7003

September 5th is the NFL kickoff, and it’s just plain crazy that I know that!

I’m the girl who was surprised each year that it was time for the Super Bowl again. And even then, the only reason I knew it was the Super Bowl was that I overheard some conversations about it at church, on the day of, no less.

Being married to an avid Colts fan has changed all that. Now I look forward to football season–even if I have trouble sitting through an entire game.

This season we are pumped! The Colts are coming to Phoenix to play the Cardinals, and Stephen bought tickets to the game. Our first ever NFL game!August7010

The little dudes have their Colts gear all ready to go, thanks to Uncle Jason and Aunt Stephanie. August7004A couple of weeks ago, Jason and Stephanie surprised us with a package full of baby Colts gear that they had bought at the Colts training camp in Anderson, IN, our former hometown. Love it!August7008

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