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Tying the Knot

Saturday, October 6th, was a gorgeous sunny autumn day–the perfect day for a wedding and a birthday. Yes, Jason and Stephanie got married on Jason’s birthday!

All the Moody siblings and spouses were included in the wedding. Stephen and I were honorary attendants, David was a groomsman and sang in the wedding, Tammy was a bridesmaid, Jon was an usher, Amy was the maid of honor, and Ben and Tim were groomsmen. Uncle Tim even came all the way from Colorado to attend the wedding.

We arrived at the church with plenty of time to change Silas into his tuxedo. Thankfully some friends of ours had a size 24 month tux that they let us borrow. It was just the thing! Silas looked handsome running around in his bow tie and vest. 

The wedding music was beautiful. Grandma walked down the aisle on Jon’s arm, and we were so glad she was part of the ceremony! Before the wedding, Stephanie was looking for something old to carry down the aisle. I suggested she ask Grandma for something. Grandma had already thought of it and brought a handkerchief that belonged to her mother, Mallie Lobb, for Stephanie to wrap around her bouquet and then pass on to her daughter someday. How special for Stephanie to have that part of family history.

In spite of my fears, Silas marched down the aisle holding Jordan’s hand like the perfect little gentleman! He played quietly on the front pew next to me during the ceremony, and then marched back up the aisle again at the end. He couldn’t have done a better job.

During the ceremony Jason and Stephanie said their vows to one another that they had written themselves. Pastor Josh Crockett gave the charge, and Pastor Leigh Crockett married them. David sang Here is Love while Jason and Stephanie poured the sand, and then Jason’s dad offered a prayer. We were so happy to witness the union of the newest Mr. and Mrs. Burrough!

Stephanie’s wedding colors were magenta, royal blue (Jason’s favorite color), black, and white. The arch was gorgeous, and I really liked the hydrangeas on the pews. The paper lanterns and cake balls were a modern twist for the reception. The happy couple cut Jason’s birthday cake (instead of a wedding cake), and we all sang “Happy Birthday” too. After a short reception, the guests lined up on either side of the walkway with horns to blow and candy rice to toss.

After the getaway and clean up, the bride and groom actually came back to the church where they opened wedding gifts with the family. The Moody clan ate supper back and Mom and Dad’s and then Jason and Stephanie left for their wedding night.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burrough!

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