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Mini Man

Daddy calls him “Big C” and “My Not-So-Secret Admirer.” Mommy calls him “Mr. Eyebrows,” and Big Brother calls him “Cooptah.” Whatever his nickname, he’s dear to our hearts, and we are so happy he’s part of our family. Happy 9 months, Cooper!August8004

Baby loves eating table food. He eats bananas, yogurt bites, avocados, yogurt puff cereal, pasta, bread, waffles, and watermelon, and he’s just getting started! We’ve begun trying a sippy cup too. At the moment, it’s more of an entertaining chew toy, but at least he’s getting used to the idea. Cooper’s sixth tooth finally popped through the other day, so now he has four on top and two on bottom. Much to Stephen’s chagrin, Cooper has learned how to grind his teeth.August8001August8003

Our mini man has been able to stand for a few seconds on his own. I won’t be at all surprised if we see his first steps this next month. Silas walked at ten months, so a nine-month walker isn’t out of the question.August8005

It seems that Cooper has found his voice as of this past weekend. He really doesn’t babble much and is perfectly content to let Silas do all of the talking. But now, he’s decided that he has some things to say, and I love hearing his baby voice! Just yesterday I was reading a book to him and reading/saying, “Bye, bye, bye” over and over. Cooper surprised me by repeating, “Ba-ba-ba.” Go Mini Coop!August8002

One of my favorite things to do with Cooper is dance cheek to cheek. I’ll play music on Pandora and smash his soft chubby cheek against mine as we twirl and sway in the family room. I can’t get enough of his velvet head. This little guy gives us so much joy and love.

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