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A New Cousin!

Paige Taylor Ackerson made her grand entrance this morning at 8:40am EST. Congratulations to my cousin, Laura and her husband Chuck on the birth of their first child. Look at those newborn cheeks! I think it’s adorable that Paige’s middle name is her mommy’s maiden name.August6001Baby Paige weighs 8 lbs 14 oz and is 21 inches long. Laura has been posting weekly Letters to Baby on her blog, so I guess the Letter to Baby–Week 41 could be a happy birthday letter!

Silas and I have been talking about Baby Paige being in Aunt Laura’s tummy and now being born. My boys now have two 2nd cousins (on my side of the family), Delaney and Paige. We’ll have to plan a trip to Maryland so they can meet their girl cousins!

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