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Football Fam

We finally did it–an entire family costume theme for Halloween! Touchdown! While brainstorming ideas for baby/mother costumes for Thatcher and me, Cooper excitedly suggested, “Thatcher can be a pumpkin, and Mom can dress up as a porch!” {love that boy} Thankfully, we ran the Colts football route instead. Silas was T.Y. Hilton, but Cooper didn’t… Read More Football Fam

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Lil’ Fraction

It’s not often you meet someone who is 1/3 year old. But now that Thatcher’s 4 months, he’s officially 0.33 repeating. Accomplishments: rolling over from belly to back motorboat mouth grabbing toys with his hands attempting to eat solid food sleeping through the night smiling, giggling, and babbling stealing our hearts every second of every… Read More Lil’ Fraction

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A Quick Visit

We went from one family visit to another. The same day Mom and Dad Moody flew out, my uncle popped in for a short visit while he was in the Pacific Northwest. Bubba John has always been my fun uncle who travels the world and is up for any adventure! His work as a cruise… Read More A Quick Visit