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Remembering Uncle Tim Moody

The past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for us and for the whole Moody family. After the joy of seeing Stephanie and Jason united in marriage, Dad Moody’s kennels burned to the ground. However, the sadness over the fire has paled in comparison to the news we received Monday afternoon.

Stephen’s uncle, Tim Moody, passed away at age 58 from a heart attack. He died peacefully in his home in Arvada, CO, on Sunday, October 14th. Uncle Tim’s passing was completely unexpected and a total shock for all of us. We are so thankful for the happy, beautiful time we had together with him just a few days ago. These pictures were taken at Stephanie & Jason’s rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.

Uncle Tim absolutely adored Silas and was able to meet him for the first time last summer when we attended the Moody family reunionUncle Tim was a talented musician who played the guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo and piano. He loved photography, film, Mac computers, biking, and Colts football. He worked as a soil chemist for various environmental firms and held a bachelor and a masters degree from Purdue University and a doctorate from the University of California Riverside.

The memorial service will be held on Monday, October 22nd, at 11am at Grace Baptist Church in Anderson, IN.

We love you, Uncle Tim!

11 thoughts on “Remembering Uncle Tim Moody

  1. Your uncle and I have been friends for 42 years, close close friends all through these decades. My mom loved him, too – she passed in 2006 and I hope they are getting caught up. He was a unique and tender soul, and I still can’t grasp that he has gone. I think he is as surprised as the rest of us. Please give my condoloscences to your Grandma Norma.

  2. Tim & I were accidental roommates my freshman year at Purdue University.
    He was a serious Bio major / fiddle player.
    I will always cherish the 1st time I heard his fiddle melody coming from my dorm room from his soulful fiddle. Many many times we followed the Kokomo Bros at the Ground round.
    They created joy in a lot of people.
    This evening I just found out of Tim’s passing & to think when he passed we lived 10 miles from each other here in Colorado….
    Take care Tim.
    I will always remember your fiddle and your light weight Bianci bicycle.

  3. Tim and I were more than friends at Purdue, we dated on and off and after many many years he found me again through my website and we started conversing again. There were always long gaps between conversations and because I am out of the country part of the year and I did not realize until today after having his email rejected and searching and searching the web that I finally found this website.
    I am so sorry , he was a great musician, I used to go to where ever the Kokomos were playing and listen, but my favorite were the impromptu jams sessions at various homes. I was very happy when he got in contact with me again, such a loss. He used to play me the fiddle part from a song on my favorite album , Mother lode by Loggins and Messina,…which I loved of course. I always loved the fiddle over any of the other instruments he played which were many. He was so very talented and intelligent. He will be missed…

  4. Tim and I were friends while in grad school at UC Riverside beginning in mid 1980s. We had stayed in touch since. I find Tim to be a humble, open, sensitive and principled man.

    I enjoyed viewing this memorial and the one with the videos. I am happy to see

    Sometimes a lot of time passed before we would call. But catching up and communication were easy and fun. I didn’t talk to Tim for about a year prior to his passing. I had thought about callin’ but I didn’t feel like covering what was new with me. Namely, that my father, age 97, had passed away, which remains, still,very difficult for me. I now very much regret not calling Tim. I had decided to call ’round the New Yr and essentially, that is when I learned of his untimely death. I am still shocked by this loss. Subsequently, I came across an old email from Tim from 15 yrs ago discussing his difficult year with work and his father’s death. Anyhow, moral of the story is call your dear friends. You never know…..

  5. “In my mind I’m going to Carolina”. That song from James Taylor was one of the last songs Tim and I enjoyed on my front porch in Indianapolis IN the night before he moved to Riverside CA to study for his PhD. I heard that song today and immediately thought of Tim. I texted him but got a weird reply, that I had the wrong number. So I emailed him, but that came back as well. Then I google him and found this and the music memorial. I am stunned and deeply saddened. Tim and I enjoyed each other’s company off and on, dating a bit but mostly hanging out, talking and laughing. He could always make me laugh with true joy. I am so happy to see these photos of Tim with his family. I will miss him and wish I had reached out all the many times I thought of him. Rest in peace Moodwick Johnny. I love you.

  6. I am another old friend of Tim’s from Purdue – and just tried to reach out to him recently (to no avail, obviously) to find out about his passing. There are so many
    memories from days past – too many to mention – but suffice it to say that my life
    is now smaller without Tim in it. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, but he was
    definitely one of the most influential and interesting people in my life. LOVE
    your photos that you shared here.

  7. My wife was going through some family history when she ran across a letter from T.E. Moody asking forgiveness for not being able to attend our wedding April, 1986. He enclosed a “kilroyesk” photo. Tim worked at Farm Bureau Coop for a brief period of time in Indianapolis and fell in with the self proclaimed cool kids. We visited strip joints on Good Friday, canoeing and joking around about work stuff. After reading his letter, I thought it would be cool to reconnect. I found this obit and my heart sank. Tim was a bright light for the short time he touched our lives. I regret not tracking him down sooner. Our condolences to Tim’s family.
    Jim and Deb Howson

  8. You don’t know me, but I feel I must let you know how I landed on your blog. I first came to know your Uncle Tim through music. First with Luke Warm & His Bluegrass Cheeseburgers, and then the Kokomo Bros. In the early days, I remember the concerts at a church located around 21st Street & Post Road. It all seems so long ago.
    I had kept loose contact with Tim through the years, but we were never what I would consider close friends. As technology brought about social media, we corresponded a bit. I hadn’t seen or heard anything from Tim for quite some time, so I did an internet search and stumbled upon your blog.
    I am saddened to learn of Tim’s passing. Had I known at the time, I would have come to pay my respects. Tim always struck me as one of those “special souls” that come into our lives. I think I will dig out my Luke Warm & His Bluegrass Cheeseburgers LP tonight and give it a listen and reflect on Tim.

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