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Fire at Moody Doodle Kennels

Just two days after we left Indiana, Mom and Dad Moody’s garage caught fire Friday morning and burned to the ground. Dad was awakened by a neighbor at 4:15am to find that his garage and his Moody Doodle dog kennels were ablaze. All but two of the dogs in the kennels survived, including Biscuit–a golden retriever who is expecting puppies. Sadly, Coal (a poodle) and Jackson (a golden doodle) perished in the fire.

Not only did they lose two dogs, the kennels, and the garage, but three cars were melted with two of them being a total loss. The fire department managed to get there before the house caught fire. Some of the siding had already begun to melt.

Dad has been an amazing example to us all as he displays God’s peace and trust in the Lord through these difficult days. Here are some news stories about the fire.

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