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The Stuff Memories Are Made Of

When Amy asked, “What do you guys miss most about Indiana?” I promptly answered, “Being outside.” Since our backyard is dirt and weeds, and grass and trees are not easily found, being outside in Arizona takes planning and thought. But in Indiana, green is everywhere, and spending time outside is comfortable and easily accessible.

Spending time outside is exactly what we did our first night home. As soon as we walked in the door, Silas was showered with gifts from Grammy and Aunt Amy. He needed to be changed into Aunt Amy’s onesie since he had greeted Grampy at the airport with a leaky diaper. Welcome to grandparenthood, Dad! The aunts and uncles all crowded around as Silas showed off his army crawl and filled the room with cuteness.

Out in the backyard Tim was digging an elaborate fire pit. He and Ben built a huge bonfire for us to make s’mores over. Yum! The sunlight filtering through the trees was beautiful. Dad showed us his garden, and Silas got to meet puppies for the first time. Dad’s business, Moody Doodles, currently boasts 18 Golden Doodle puppies. The little pups went straight for Silas’s diaper for some reason. We put Silas in the grass, and he was swimming in puppies.

The next night was King Gyros for supper and McDonald’s for dessert. David, Tammy, and Jon arrived late Wednesday evening, and they brought with them the huge table David built for the family. It seats as many as 12 people, and fits perfectly in Mom and Dad’s dining room. He did a great job!

Tammy also brought the Christmas gift she had made for me. I had emailed her a picture of the apron I wanted and sent her 3 different swatches of material that I liked. Tammy went above and beyond and made me a reversible apron using my top two fabric choices. It’s adorable!

Thanks Tammy!

Friday morning we loaded up the cars and set out for beautiful Brown County State Park. We ate our picnic lunch and played with Silas at the playground.

Amy had reserved some rustic cabins for us near Abe Martin Lodge. The cabins weren’t so rustic in my opinion. They had electricity, running water, and each had a comfy double bed and single bed.

After studying the park map, we headed down the trail around Ogle Lake.

Most of us had hiked this trail before, but it was gorgeous to see the green forest full of tall trees and ferns. The humidity made the hike muggy and sticky, but it was great to be together!

When we had completed our trek around the lake and were resting in the shade near the parking lot, a Red Bull mobile pulled up. We were all shocked when two girls stepped out of the car and handed  us each a free Red Bull! Were we on some kind of TV ad?

A visit to the lodge’s new aquatic center was just the thing to cool us off after that hike. The center sported a three story water slide, a hot tub, a kiddie water park area, and a water volleyball court. The water was still a bit too scary for Silas, but he did manage to warm up to it a little with the help of Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Amy.

Then we were off to Columbus for dinner at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor (thanks to our friend Janille’s inspired suggestion!). The old fashioned soda jerk fountain took us back in time. The food was delish and the atmosphere so cool!

Saturday morning we hit the shops in Nashville, and then drove two hours to Linton where the Moody Family Reunion was held. There Great Grandma Moody and Great Uncle Tim met Silas Clark.

Four generations of Moody in one room.

The family definitely expanded Baby’s diet last week. He was introduced to graham crackers, smoothies, popsicles, fudgesicles, and watermelon. He discovered so many yummy tastes.

Great, Great Uncle Harold Wayne and Silas really hit it off. That meant a lot to Dad since Uncle Harold Wayne looks the most like Grandpa Moody who is no longer with us.

Linton Park turned out to be a cute little place for the reunion.

Happy Moody Memories!

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