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Ramblings on a Saturday

I just feel like writing today.

Silas is crawling around on the family room floor exploring the blinds, the magazines, sometimes crawling over to visit me. He’s such a happy baby today–singing, talking to himself, laughing, smiling, napping well, and eating lots. He and I have been getting up quite early this week. The earliest morning was 5am. Ugh! We’ve since tried to make sure his belly is very full before bedtime, but, alas, the little boy loves early morning hours. At least today he waited until around 6:30 before waking me.

Stephen is in the office studying for his coming sermon tomorrow. It’s always a privilege for him to be able to preach at Crossroad. Tomorrow will be his third sermon. I know Stephen’s heart for God, his commitment to being Biblical, and his thoughtfulness in the words he chooses to convey what God has taught him about a particular passage. All those things I treasure.

I would say that the dishwasher is happily humming in the background, but it’s actually roaring. We usually make it a point to run it after we go to bed. It’s impossible to have the dishwasher going and to watch a movie at the same time. It’s certainly a loud machine, but I’m grateful to have it. In my opinion, the best thing about a dishwasher is having a place to store your dirty dishes until it’s time for washing. Of course, it’s nice to have the dishes washed too! 🙂

Yesterday the staff of Grand View Camp canvassed for Crossroad’s upcoming Vacation Bible School. The camp staff is in exile here in Phoenix due to the enormous Wallow Fire that has been threatening their rental property in Alpine, AZ, and their new still-in-the-process-of-being-built property near Eager, AZ. The Wallow Fire is the 2nd largest fire in Arizona’s history! Thankfully, both of the camp’s properties have been spared thus far. You can read more of their story here. In spite of this tremendous hardship, the camp staff has chosen to make this time of uncertainty count for eternity by helping several ministries throughout the state. Tomorrow they will be contributing to the ministry at Crossroad Baptist by helping set up and tear down and providing the music for our services. We are encouraged by their example of selflessness!

For those of you readers who live here in the valley, we’d love to have your kids attend our Vacation Bible School on June 20-24. It’s open to all kids 4 years old through 6th grade. Our church website has all the necessary information, and you can register your kids online. Don’t miss our free VBS held in the Verrado Middle School!

I’ve been getting us ready for our trip to Indiana next week. Flying with Baby for the first time is sure to be an adventure! He’s so busy these days. Not sure what we’re going to do to entertain him on the flight. Thankfully we found a good deal on tickets with Southwest Airlines, so no paying for checked bags! We also scored a direct flight which means only one take off and landing for Baby’s ears to handle. We’re looking forward to being back in Hoosier Land and seeing all the Moodys–yes, all of them! Uncle Tim and Grandma included.

We have plans to visit with my family (who will be in Plymouth, IN next week) and to visit a close friend of mine (who also happens to be in Indiana when we’re home). Lots of fun things coming up, so stay tuned!

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