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A Sunday Afternoon Swim


Silas had his first introduction to a swimming pool this past Sunday. Some friends of ours let us use their gorgeous new pool, and it was the perfect family activity on a hot, sunny afternoon! I really expected Silas to love the water since he loves splashing at bath time. Instead, he was unsure of it at first since the water felt cold compared to the 105 degree weather. Once his tiny body adjusted, he liked hanging out in his baby float as we took him back and forth across the pool. He did NOT, however, like water being splashed in his face! I’m thinking we’ll have to revisit the pool soon so he learns how fun it can be.

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon Swim

  1. I’m glad he was introduced to water, I hope he likes it in time. It’s good to be back on line again, after I broke my left foot in two places,and I really haven’t felt like getting on line. I’m finally getting around better on it, thank’s to a walker some friend’s loaned me to use.

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