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Feelin’ Blue

Today is a sad day for the Colts, Peyton Manning, Indy, all of Indiana, and Colts fans everywhere–including us out here in the desert. Our beloved quarterback, Peyton Manning, was released from the team today.While I’m not a native Hoosier, and I’ve only recently (since being married) become a Colts fan, Peyton Manning is the… Read More Feelin’ Blue

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Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Valentine’s Day 2012 is Arizona’s centennial–100 years of statehood. There aren’t many states left with a centennial to celebrate, so we didn’t want to miss the chance to commemorate this milestone. Yesterday we headed out to enjoy the Best Fest downtown. The grounds of the state capital were crowded with museum exhibits, carnival rides, arts… Read More Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

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Taylor’s Sweet Corn

My cousin posted this link on Facebook, and I thought it was so cool that I’d re-post it here. The Cape Gazette of Delaware ran this article about my Aunt and Uncle’s famously delicious sweet corn. Oh, and happy birthday, Uncle Calvin!  

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Monsoon Season

Last night was our first major bona fide monsoon storm since moving to Phoenix. Check out this link for some incredible time lapse photography of the giant storm! We’ve heard a lot about these monster dust storms, but never experienced one up close. We didn’t really get to see much of it, since it occurred… Read More Monsoon Season