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Learning in Everyday Life

When we saw my dad this past Tuesday (which also happened to be my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary) we were able to hand-deliver his Father’s Day card. I love this picture of my dad that captures his love and care for his mother. 

One thing I’ve recently been thinking about is the way learning was a natural part of my childhood. I guess since becoming parents ourselves, Stephen and I have become more aware of how much we want to inspire our children to learn and to love it in the process! Dad passed on his love of astronomy to us by pointing out the constellations and showing us the moon and Saturn through his telescope. While traveling throughout the eastern US we learned about famous Americans, battlefields, and historic sites. On our hikes out West, Dad pointed out geological features. As an Eagle Scout himself, Dad was constantly telling us to “Be Prepared” as he gave us camping tips from the Boy Scouts. Saturday mornings were family music practice sessions. We’d bundle up in our robes and slippers and gather in the living room to rehearse our hand chime songs. It wasn’t until I began taking formal piano lessons that I realized how easy it was to learn the circle of fifths due to my experience playing the accordion. Dad’s knowledge of musical chords laid a great foundation for my hymnplaying. Now that I think about it, books have always been part of my life. Our house was filled and overflowing with books! Thanks, Dad, for teaching me so much and making it fun to learn. Happy Fathers Day!

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