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CBC Website Gets a New Look

The new website for Crossroad Baptist Church is now active. Stephen revamped the old website by switching from Joomla to WordPress, which gives us a more informative and attractive online presence. He customized the Ecclesia WordPress theme and updated the church’s information. The site includes photos, tweets, sermons, and a video presentation of the gospel.… Read More CBC Website Gets a New Look

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3D morphable faces

This is really cool. Some German scientists have created a 3D face modeling program that allows them to map any face to a digital model and then manipulate facial expressions and other details. There’s a good bit of technical jargon at the beginning, but later they illustrate by manipulating some actual famous faces.

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Dial with your iPod

Here’s a cool idea: use an iPod (actually a number of different digital audio players would work) to generate a touch-tone signal and place a call over a standard analog line. This scheme can even store address book entries using playlist files. It’s actually quite intuitive know that I think about it, but it’s something… Read More Dial with your iPod

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BBC gets the wrong Guy

The BBC made a big mistake when they accidentally interviewed Congolese immigrant and taxi driver Guy Goma in place of IT expert Guy Kewney on-air last week. The look on the wrong Guy’s face is priceless, but he gamely attempts to answer the questions anyway. Make sure to check out the video—it’s hilarious.

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Fun for Friday

Here’s a mildly entertaining flash game from Pepsi Japan that’ll take up a Friday afternoon. It’s actually quite a bit harder than it looks (I did beat it though—see the attached screenshot for confirmation 🙂 ).