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Of Autumn Days and Auntie “Visits”

These autumn days are too beautiful to stay indoors. Silas Clark and I have been going for strolls in the park and around our subdivision. Thursday, Baby and I spent the afternoon in our neighborhood park. I took a blanket, and we sat under a mesquite tree. Bitty Boy is walking like crazy now.

That afternoon Silas and I watched a live webcast from Bob Jones University’s Distance Learning staff, which included my close friend Rebekah. BJU’s Distance Learning department offers pre-recorded classroom lessons to families who home school their children. This webcast was an open house allowing students from across the country to call in or email to talk with their teachers. Rebekah teaches Jr. & Sr. High Literature, and it was cool to watch her in real time as she interacted with her students.Soon Silas will be able to show Aunt Bekah his Arizona since Rebekah will  be coming to visit next month.

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