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Is It Over?

The news report last night said that today, October 3rd, is supposed to be our last day of triple digit temperatures for the year. Hooray! Maybe now we can enjoy being outside.

According to ABC 15 news, “monsoon 2011 will go down in the record books as the hottest ever in the Valley of the Sun.”

Two years ago, we moved to Arizona in September. As we hunted for an apartment, I noticed fall decorations in the offices of apartment complexes. There were scarecrows, autumn leaves and hay bales. I thought it was crazy to decorate for fall when it was still scorching hot outside! Now I realize that if you want autumn in Arizona, you have to make it happen yourself. Decorate, bake, and wear short-sleeved sweaters even when it feels like an oven outside.

Here’s hoping the weather forecast is right and cooler weather is waiting in the wings.


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