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This Mystical Thing Called Marriage

Marriage is not what I expected. It’s better, richer, deeper, fuller. Marriage is common grace. Grace given to believers and unbelievers alike. Grace that allows each marriage—each union of man and wife—to portray Christ’s relationship to His Church. What wonder! Marriage is reconciliation. Though bride and groom are permanently joined at the altar, the ministry… Read More This Mystical Thing Called Marriage

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Mini Roadtrip

St. George, Utah will always be my special place. My own personal greenhouse where I grew into womanhood. I learned to love in new ways, to explore with abandon, to spread my wings, to soar. My first year out of college I took a teaching position at Westside Christian School and formed precious friendships with… Read More Mini Roadtrip

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Weekday Romance

I know it—how much I’m loved. But it’s nice to be reminded. Stephen reminded me when he walked through the  door with a gift in hand last week—a single rose, a Starbucks gift card, and a book on motherhood and the gospel.   My weary mama’s heart needed that touch of romance on a Thursday… Read More Weekday Romance

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Amy & Cameron. Bride & Groom. Mr. & Mrs. Brooks. Forever & Always. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Brooks! On May 20th, Amy & Cameron tied the knot on the five year anniversary of the beginning of their relationship. We were so happy to come celebrate their day with them! The happy couple had planned… Read More &