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Escape to Portland

My man and I took a babymoon last month. Babymoon=honeymoon trip without kids before Baby is born (just in case you’re not familiar with the term). We visited Portland for the first time!April1013

We stayed downtown in the Hotel deLuxe, which was not only charming, but convenient as it allowed us to walk most places or ride the public transit to explore the city. April1001Portland was sunny for three of our five days we were there. It surprised us each time we looked up and saw snowy Mount Hood in the distance. What a breath-taking backdrop for the entire city!

Portland is known for its diverse and unique foodie culture. Stephen and I were thrilled to indulge our little mouths with Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, Lebanese lamb and hummus, salted caramel ice cream, and Jewish deli pastrami–just to name a few dishes. We were adventurous and tried a mexican hot chocolate donut and a creme brulee donut from Blue Star Donuts.

Besides eating well, we walked downtown and along the Willamette River, where the whole city seemed to be exercising. April1005April1006There seemed to be a coffee shop on every corner, so we were well caffeinated. The aerial tram offered a new perspective on the city, and we learned why rain coats are necessary for Portland’s rainy days. April1011During one of those rainy days we browsed books at Powell’s bookstore–a store the size of a city block. April1012We walked the Pearl District, Nob Hill, and Pioneer Courthouse Square. April1009April1008April1003At the Saturday farmer’s market we found some cheeses and salami that made our hearts go pitter-pat.April1010

On our last day we drove the scenic route along the Columbia River and saw some gorgeous waterfalls. April1014April1016We ended up at Multnomah Falls. The waterfall was over 600 feet tall with two cascades and a bridge spanning the river just above the second falls. April1017At the base sat a quaint stone restaurant where we ate lunch before heading back to the city.

Of course we missed our little men, but they were very well taken care of by gracious friends. Stephen and I loved our couple’s getaway and the time we had to invest in our marriage before we become a family of five.April1018

2 thoughts on “Escape to Portland

  1. So glad you were able to get away!! and 5 whole days! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to store up some sleep 🙂 Then maybe those newborn nights wouldn’t be quite so tiring if we could use whatever we were able to “bank” before hand. (though with toddlers, the bank may not have much to draw from 🙂 Love you!

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