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Special Days, Special People

My family drove all the way from West Virginia again this summer to come visit us. It’s a loooooong drive across the country! Dad was with us for Father’s Day, so Silas and Cooper celebrated both Grandpa and Daddy. Love you, Dad. Thanks for being my daddy.IMG_20140615_211932087a

Silas was so excited to give Stephen the superhero card he had picked out weeks ago. The card was really more for Silas than it was for Stephen. I had stashed the card in a drawer for safe-keeping until Father’s Day. One day I caught Silas sitting on the floor in my room just beholding the superhero card. He wrote his own message to Stephen and then decorated the card. IMG_20140615_171502015aStephen is an incredible father to our two little dudes. Thanks for being our superhero, Honey!IMG_20140615_194821229a

Sunday was extra special because it was Mom and Dad’s 35th wedding anniversary. Thirty-five years of being faithful to each other–what a milestone! We celebrated on Saturday with a steak dinner and flowers for Grandma.IMG_20140615_211900685a

Thanks, Mom and Dad for building a stable, loving Christian home for me and my sisters. We love you.

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