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Our little girl turned two months old yesterday. Brynn has the sweetest (and quietest) personality. She has been giving lots of smiles and loves to stick her tongue out when she’s especially excited. Simple things like ceiling fans, the family room curtains, and dangling toys are call for the “tongue-in-and-out” move.IMG_20150804_152303599a

Brynn is flexible and up for almost anything–as long as it includes Mommy and milk. She’s even gotten up with me to go walking at 5am!

I’ve taken a few small trips to the grocery store with all three littles. For me, it’s been so much easier adjusting to three kids now that I’m practiced at the balancing act and now that Silas and Cooper are somewhat independent. It helps that the boys love Brynn to death and take care of her. Though, Coop might be tiring of it a bit. Just today he and I had this conversation:

Me: “I’m looking for Brynn’s paci. Do you know where it is?”
Cooper: “No, I okay with crying.”
Cooper (to Brynn): “I like your crying. Good job, Brynn!”

Yesterday was not only the 2 month mark for Brynn, but Stephen and I also celebrated our 9th anniversary. Stephen took me for my first taste of a sushi roll. (It was delicious!) IMG_20150804_181452815_HDRaI wore my “Brynn” earrings to celebrate this precious husband and the almost decade we’ve been married. Love you, my Treasure Boy!IMG_20150804_200616349a

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you have many good years together and I also loved the little conversation Cooper had with you about Brynn’s crying, It cracked me up. Loved it.

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