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Wheatland Ferry on the Willamette

Our third recent adventure trip was to the Wheatland Ferry north of Salem. Stephen had been wanting to take the kids on a river ferry for a while, and there are still a couple in operation nearby.

We found an adorable lunch spot in McMinnville, and visited the local bookstore and grocery before our ferry trip.

The Wheatland Ferry crosses the Willamette River. It reminded me a lot of the ferry in Delaware near my Aunt Eunice’s house (which has a similar name, the Woodland Ferry). I’m so happy we live in a place that reminds us of WV (the hills and forests), IN (the farms), and the Eastern Shore (the coast and waterways).

We crossed the ferry in the van and then took a short hike in Willamette Mission State Park.

Back at the ferry, we rode for free as pedestrians across the river and back before heading home.

These excursions are some of my favorite family times!

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