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Turning 35

I think I like it. 35. There’s something happy about embracing the very stage you find yourself currently living.

I have a fear of missing out, but in a backwards nostalgic sense. My fear is that by moving forward to the next life phase, I’d miss out on something in the previous stage. All the while, I’m actually missing out on joys, experiences, growth (and, yes, sorrows) that I should be welcoming. So, I’m welcoming thirty-five.

My birthday began a day early when my friend Debbie took Brynn and me out for lunch at a local Puerto Rican place. It’s  family owned and has lots of flair! The Puerto Rican food was delicious and fun to try for the first time–especially with a dear friend like Debbie. She gave me fun birthday socks, gardening gloves, a ratchet tool I’d been wanting, and a coupon offer to watch the kids overnight. Her thoughtfulness made me feel very known and very loved.

Stephen asked how I’d like to celebrate this milestone birthday, so I chose a girls’ day out with my friend Holly. It was a happy coincidence that my 35th landed on a Saturday. Holly and I relaxed with a pedicure at the cutest nail salon on the second story of an old house in NE Portland. Then we savored good conversation over brunch at the most Portlandish coffeehouse.

One thing I especially love is to be asked deep questions by someone who listens and cares about my answer. Not only is Holly that type of friend, but she gifted me two journals. One that’s half for dreaming and half for scheming, and the other journal with insightful prompts like:

  • “I think these are some of the things I’m in this world to do”
  • “This is something I believe in so strongly, I’ll work on it as long as I have to”
  • “These are some old patterns and behaviors I’m beginning to question”
  • “This is the biggest hope that shapes my life right now”
  • “Here’s something I worked to let go of, and here’s something I gained in return”

Someday soon I hope to sit down with a homemade vanilla espresso (which I’m learning to make with my new milk frother from Mom and Dad) and write some things in those books while I contemplate being 35.


After a relaxing morning, I met Stephen and the kids at the Irish festival in Sellwood. The kids loved the snowcones and donuts, and we stayed to watch the Irish dancers.

Although I’m a St. Patty’s Day baby, I’ve never actually had corned beef and cabbage on my birthday, so that’s exactly what I ordered for dinner.

I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness and grace he’s shown me throughout these 35 years.

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