Presidents’ Day weekend we were itching for another Saturday trip, but couldn’t figure out what to do that was within  budget and that fit the forecasted rainy weather. Finally we settled on riding the train into downtown Portland to explore our city for a few hours. The kids love riding the MAX, and we were all excited for some pizza for lunch.

A friend had given each of the kids magnetic travel games for Valentine’s Day. They brought their games and we had pizza and family game time in Bellagios Pizza. It made for a sweet memory.

Then we walked a couple blocks to Coco Donuts where Stephen and I had our first Portland donuts back in 2015 when we came for my birthday/scouting trip.

We hopped back on the train and rode to the Multnomah County Central Library where we read in the children’s section for a while and walked around all the floors to explore. Finally, we rode the MAX to Union Station just to see it. Stephen asked about pricing on an Amtrak ride to San Francisco, so who knows? Maybe an actual train ride is in our vacation future! But only if naps are on the agenda…

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