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…and a cherry on top

Darling Brynn Kathryn,

You are that cherry on top! You are the bite-sized little girl that is the sweet new addition to our family.July1007

Today you are one month old, and we are all head-over-heels in love with you. One of my favorite memories of your birth is Daddy dancing with you in the hospital room to the music of a love song.June3019

Just this week you smiled for the first time. It was your big brother Silas who made you smile first. Now you’re focusing on our faces, Little Blue Eyes. Your favorite thing to look at are the family room curtains; their crazy pattern keeps you entertained. Even when you’re fussy, you love your nursery. The aqua color and Grampy’s amazing fairyland mural must be so calming for you.July1002July1004

I love kissing your velvety skin and cuddling you as you sleep on my chest. You are a contented baby who loves to snuggle. That’s a good thing since we’ve had so much family visit already. Last week Grandma, Grandpa and your three adoring aunts held you all week.July1001

Grandma is the special lady you’re named for. Her name is Kathryn Renee, and Kathryn is a family name that goes back generations. Your great grandma was Hilda Catherine, and your great great grandma was Maggie Catherine. You have a legacy of grandmas that share your name. We pray that one day you will share their faith in Jesus.July1005

Brynn, you are tangible evidence of God’s grace to us. Mommy and Daddy aren’t deserving of the gift of parenthood. And yet God has given us not only two precious boys, but also the treasure of a beautiful daughter too!July2001

We love you, Brynn.



3 thoughts on “…and a cherry on top

  1. Loved this post! What precious photos of your adorable family. (And so fun seeing that one month onesie again, it seems like just yesterday Paige was that little!)

  2. Thanks! That was my attempt to take my own “newborn pics” so I didn’t have to pay someone else to do it. I loved the way it turned out.

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