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Baby Snuggles

For the third summer in a row my family was able to come visit us. But this time there was a newborn to cuddle. Little Brynn Kathryn got passed from aunt July4007to aunt July4008to grandparent July4015all week. She even sported some new clothes from her aunties. Newborns are their own kind of special.July4013July4016

Dad was leading a Vacation Bible School at a nearby church, and Silas attended most of the week. My sister Ruth Anna texted me pictures throughout the VBS, and it was cute to see what Silas was up to.July4001July4003July4002

Rebekah treated us to a night of pizza and organ music where the aunts had as much fun as the boys. I love seeing my family love my babies.July4014July4018

Our days together were busy, but we’re thankful they could come be with us and that Grandma could meet her little namesake.July4005July4021

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