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Brynn’s first week is a special memory–even now. Because my gracious in-laws gave up a week to take care of us, I was able to snuggle with our newest cuddle bug as much as I wanted.June3001June3010June3003

Mom and Dad Moody flew into Phoenix on Friday night, June 5th–the day we brought Brynn home. June3008June3006The next morning, they got right to work. Mom took over the shopping, cooking, and housework, and began cleaning the house. She cleaned things that I’ve never cleaned in the 5 years we’ve lived in this house!June3007June3005

Stephen had the week off, so he and Dad made a list of home repairs and set to work. June3012Not only that, but Dad offered to paint something on Brynn’s nursery wall. He ended up creating a beautiful mural that is a masterpiece of love for little Brynn Kathryn.June3015June3016

Having the Moodys here gave me a chance to recover, enjoy the newborn baby girl, and have more time for my 3 guys. June3017June3018At the end of the week, we all went out to a Japanese place for lunch. It was one of those places where the chef cooks right in front of you and entertains you during the meal. Silas was the only one of us who caught the broccoli in his mouth that the chef threw! June3020

Time with grandparents is scarce for these babies, so it was special to have Grammy and Grampy spend a whole week with us!June3002June3019

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