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Mommy’s Day

My two little mailmen delivered cards to me this morning. Silas chose a Superman card for me (because, as you know, I love all things Superman). He drew a picture of me and a ninja climbing into a city. I’m glad Silas has recognized my superpowers. Cooper’s card, on the other hand, had some cute little ducklings on the front and scribbles inside. May1001

They went shopping last night with Stephen so they could get me some toys for “Mudder’s Day.” Daddy was very helpful in steering them towards some beautiful flowers instead.May1003

Being a mommy is one of God’s gifts of grace. I treasure these two little boys and their sister who will be joining us soon.May1002


2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Day

  1. Of course, doesn’t every mom love Superman?? 🙂 At least moms of boys! So glad it was a good Mother’s Day, I know you’re getting anxious to meet baby girl!

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