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It’s Raining Pink

One more month today! This baby girl has been given three baby showers. That’s pretty incredible since she’s our third child, but I’m thankful for the love of friends that’s been showered on us.

My first two showers were surprises. One was given by my playgroup from the Goodyear MOMS Club. I’m glad I found this club almost three years ago as it’s helped me build friends with other moms in my stage of life, informed me about programs for families with young children, and taught me about my community. I’d recommend MOMS club to stay-at-home moms if there is one in your area. It’s an international organization, so there are chapters all over the world.May2002

My Wednesday playgroup put together a little shower for me at the park with streamers, pink cupcakes, fruit salad, gifts, and my first-ever diaper cake. What a sweet gesture! I was having a crabby, selfish morning, and almost cancelled on them, but they made my day! God used these kind friends to remind me that His grace is lavish.May2003

The second shower was a total shock since I was fully expecting a birthday party for some friends. My church had been planning a shower on May 9th, but some generous friends–Rachel and Sylvia–hosted a surprise shower too! I was speechless when everyone yelled surprise. It took a while for my brain to process what was happening.May2006 The best part was that Stephen had acted so totally natural about the birthday party idea that I didn’t suspect a thing! Rachel did a beautiful job with the decorations/favors and invitations. She was inspired by my nursery colors of aqua, coral and yellow. May2007Seeing all the baby girl outfits made Baby Girl seem more real to me. I could imagine dressing her in all the cute new clothes.May2004May2005

Finally, my third shower was this past Saturday. The sweet ladies at church put on a little brunch for me and gave Baby Girl even more gear and a brand new car seat. The seat we used for the boys was a hand-me-down, and since it had expired, a new one was in order. I’m excited to get it installed in the car and see how we can squeeze three babies into the back of our Rendezvous.May2001

Last night we checked the mail while on our way to get some paint for the nursery. My sister-in-law sent a package full of frilly, girly, flowery headbands and outfits (which I adore!). But since Stephen hasn’t seen all my shower gifts, watching me open that package was a rude awakening for him that he’s going to have a baby girl. I think he needs some time to adjust to all this of these accessories and lace!May3001

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  1. Headbands and bows are so fun! Of course, these days Paige won’t leave them alone when I put them in her hair. Stephen will need to learn some hair-do skills–Paige will let Chuck do her hair but won’t let me touch it most mornings!

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