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Our First 5K

We did it! Stephen and I finished our first 5K on Saturday. December2006The city of Buckeye was hosting a Boston qualifier marathon, a half marathon, 5K, and mile run.

My friend Jen suggested back in August that we all sign up to do the 5K together. Her in-laws were going to be in town, so we could race with the Horkavy clan. I invited our friend Connie to join us too. Of course, back when I started training, I didn’t realize I was pregnant, so that news did put a crimp in my hopes to run a lot of the race.

Early Tuesday mornings I would drive over to Connie’s house to walk/jog with her at 6am before Stephen left for work. I could hardly keep up with Connie! She walks every morning, so she’s in much better shape than I am.

My friend Kristy and I would also walk around our neighborhood twice a week in the evenings after our boys were in bed. The race was great motivation for me to get moving–and keep moving–even when I was feeling so nauseous and fatigued, but it was also great to spend time with friends as I exercised.imagejpeg950 (1)a

Saturday morning was a lot of fun. The weather forecast was calling for a lot of rain, but the rain came early, and we raced under a partially cloudy sky in the cool morning air.IMAG5511a

Ryan and his dad, Carl, ran the 5K with Stephen, and Jen, Katie, and the kids did the mile run. IMG_20141213_103004506aThe race was sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, so the race had special significance for the Horkavys. imagejpeg950 (2)aRyan’s youngest brother, Josiah, went home to be with Jesus this past July after a hard fought battle with cancer. Josiah had just turned 14. The Horkavys wore their “Josiah’s Journey” t-shirts in his memory.IMG_20141213_103003133a

Connie was my race partner. She and I jogged a bit at the beginning, the end, and on the downhill slope in the middle of the race. Other than that, we walked as fast as my little pregnant belly could go. imagejpeg950_2aThough we didn’t set any records, we finished the race, and won our medals!December2005

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