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Baby Moody #3

We are happy to announce that Baby Moody #3 is expected June 12, 2015! God is a gracious God to bless us with this third treasure.

november2001This picture is neither a gender announcement nor a name announcement, but it is the way I announced our baby to Stephen. This baby is yet another reminder of God’s grace. We’d love to have a baby girl, but a baby boy is more than welcome too!

I’m 11 weeks pregnant, and baby is doing well. I’ve been able to have two ultrasounds already and even saw the baby in 3D. Baby already has little arms and legs. When I showed the ultrasound picture to Silas, he said, “There’s the eye, and there’s the other eye, … and there’s the hair. I see the hair. It’s a girl!”

3 thoughts on “Baby Moody #3

  1. Congratulations….. I get to find out what we are having the 24th and I will say the boys and I are hoping for a girl. I’ll be happy either way, but my oldest keeps telling me it’s a girl he really wants a sister.

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