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Someone Had a Birthday

Waking up on his 4th birthday, Silas asked, “Did my voice change?” He so badly wants to be a teenager! Apparently it’s the magic age where he’ll be allowed to do everything he’s ever dreamed of. november1003The next thing Silas wanted to do was to be measured on our giant growth ruler. He was convinced that when he turned 4 years old, he would be 4 feet tall. It was a disappointing start to his birthday. Cute little guy.november1002

Though his birthday was last Sunday, we celebrated Silas on Saturday with a small family celebration. Our friends, the Floreses, came over for lunch and brought pizza and salad. november1006november1007november1008Silas had picked out a Batman cake from the grocery store, and he wanted to wear a birthday hat too.november1005

He spent the rest of the day playing with his new toys and building Legos with Daddy. For supper, he picked Chick-fil-a, and we finished off the night with ice cream from “Old McDonald’s.”november1004

We spent his actual birthday, November 2nd, talking to family and telling them and Silas our special news–we’re expecting Baby Moody #3 on June 12th! It’s already so sweet to see Silas be a big brother to Cooper that I’m sure he’ll be precious with a new baby.november1009

Silas, you are such an imaginative, full-of-life little guy. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to have you in our arms and in our hearts. Love you, little superhero!november1001

4 thoughts on “Someone Had a Birthday

  1. 1.) Happy Birthday, Silas!!
    2.) I absolutely love that he wants his voice to change.
    3.) Hooray for Baby Moody #3!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Silas and congradlutions on Moody baby #3. I hop it’sgoing to be a girl but as long as the bab is healthy.

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