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Silas Says…

Grandma’s a good sport. She got a lesson in “Grandma 101” (as my sister Charis put it) from Silas during her visit with us. Silas was just being his usual precocious self, but it was at Grandma’s expense!june12001

After helping Silas get cleaned up in the bathroom, Grandma put his dirty underwear in the “whites” laundry bag. When Silas went to check up on Grandma’s laundry-sorting abilities, he was appalled that she had not put his underwear in the “colors” bag. Aunt Charis heard him announcing, “Grandma put my underwear in the white section, not the color section. That’s the wrong section!”june8001june8002

While showing the movie Toy Story to the family, Silas sat next to Grandma on the couch. When the part with the naughty boy, Sid, came on the screen, Silas said, “Let’s be brave at this part!”june8004june8007

One day Aunt Ruth Anna was giving the boys a bath. She bathed Cooper and took him to his room to dress him. Meanwhile, Grandma thought she would help out by washing Silas’s hair. When Aunt Ruth Anna came back to the tub, she asked Silas if Grandma had washed his body yet. Silas explained that Grandma had washed only his hair. He told her, “Grandma’s not very good at this.”june8011june8012

Another bathroom incident occurred when Grandma thought Silas needed to wash his hands a little better, so she had him get a second pump of soap and re-wash his hands. That sent Silas into a tailspin since he’s been told to use only one pump of soap. He was so upset that “Grandma wasted water.” Clearly we need to work on Silas being a little more flexible!june8009

At least by the end of the week, Grandma did receive a compliment from Silas, but it was a long time in coming!

My mom–who claims to have no creativity–is the best at imaginative play with Silas. He adored playing make-believe with her. In this picture they are “watching” a movie they “checked out” from the library. june10001Cooper was even wanting to join the fun and loved being tickled and kissed with zerberts from Grandma.june8016

We celebrated an early birthday for my mom with a cookie cake, present, and artwork by the boys.june7006

One of the sweet Silas moments from my family’s visit was him singing Jesus Loves Me with Grandpa at church. I’m glad I caught this special duet on camera.

There’s just nothing like the honesty of a little boy. He is who he is, and we love him for it!june11001

2 thoughts on “Silas Says…

  1. Your mom claims to have no creativity? I think of her as one of the most creative people I know!! I used to love her magic stories she’d tell us at sleepovers.

  2. Ethan, our oldest grandson (currently 6 y/o) told me that I was not following instructions. Mommy & Daddy were at the hospital because Mommy was sick and we went to keep the boys; we got the boys ready for bed and it was Bible/prayer time (which their Daddy does). I did not ‘do’ Bible/prayer time correctly. Ahh, the ways our little ones are ‘trained’ sometimes causes them ‘confusion & delay’ as Sir Topnhat(sic) says.

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