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A West Virginia Family Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa live “far, far away in West Virginia” (as Silas says). And the boys had their first Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Manka and the Aunts.dec6016dec6002

We landed on Christmas Eve day, and Mom and Dad picked us up at the airport. I was so glad it was cold–it felt like winter! At home in Fairmont, Grandpa transformed Silas into Mountain Man by letting him wear the bear tooth necklace. dec6001The next day, Dad even built Silas a teepee out of hickory sticks, quilts, and a bear skin.dec6018

Silas was our main entertainment on Christmas morning. He enthusiastically exclaimed over each present.dec6007 He did a good job learning how to hold the tiny violin Grandpa gave him and Cooper. dec6011Grandpa also made Silas a Native American headdress.dec6019

The dry erase markers from Aunt Rebekah were Cooper’s favorite of all time! They were really a gift to Silas, but once Cooper got them in his hands, he had no interest in any other present. dec6015dec6006dec6004dec6009

After opening our presents, we gathered for some singing and reading of the Christmas story and other readings.dec6017 dec6013dec6012dec6014Aunt Rebekah helped Silas play along on the autoharp. Silas also sang “Silent Night” for everyone, with a lot of coaxing from Mommy and Daddy.

Each day someone would start a new Scrabble tile game on the fridge, and everyone could add to it. Here’s the puzzle for Christmas day.dec6020

I’m thankful we could all be together as a family for Christmas!dec6003

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