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My Grace Baby

Both of my boys are undeserved gifts from God. Both of my boys bring me joy and both of them teach me more of God’s grace. But, while Silas is my Joy Baby, Cooper is my Grace Baby.may4001

Cooper’s entrance into our family was admittedly rough for me. His birth was fast and complication free, but it was a huge adjustment for me to have two little ones just over two years apart. Cooper wasn’t a good sleeper, and his fussiness drove me to the end of my strength. And I’m thankful for that because it began teaching me dependence on God’s strength. I learned more of grace.

This past year and a half has been an education in grace for me. Because Cooper is so dependent on me, so mommy-oriented, he helps pull me out of my selfishness and reminds me of God’s overflowing grace to me. Thank you, God, for this Grace Baby.

Today Cooper turned 1 1/2. You can hear in this video most of the words he says.

He seems to be jumping up to a new plateau in his understanding and learning. Just last week he added the word “Elmo” to his vocabulary. He can also point to his head, ear, eye, nose, belly, and feet. He gives lots of high-fives, signs the word “more,” and gets his shoes out when it’s time to go and puts them away when asked. Bath time is his favorite. When we say it’s bath time, he runs back to the tub so excited to get to pour the water in and out of buckets and cups.

We just love our little man, Cooper Andrew!may4002

2 thoughts on “My Grace Baby

  1. That video was very cute. I liked the way Silas always said” mommy, I want a turn”. and I think Cooper is going to say sentences early in age.

  2. How cute! I agree with Aunt Sue, I cracked up hearing Slias asking to have a turn. I can’t believe he’s a year and a half already

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