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Happily Adjusting

Morning is such a nice way to start the day! Morning means we’ve made it through another night. Morning means sipping coffee. Morning means a snoozing Cooper. Morning means sitting on the couch while PBS plays for Silas. Morning means a few minutes on my laptop–a luxury these days.

I love being a mommy. And being a mommy to two little peanuts is twice as special. This week has been an adjustment though. Today is Day #4 on my own with both boys. My mom left last Thursday after taking care of us for two weeks. Thankfully, I had to survive just a day and a half on my own before the weekend. Now Silas, Cooper and I are working out our new daily routines. I think we might just make it! God has given us much grace.

I’m reminded again at the selfless task parenting is. No more sitting on the couch for an hour straight (let alone 15 minutes). Life is a constant giving of yourself for the littles in your life. And it’s such a privilege.

Now that Cooper has joined our family, I’m operating in extreme “priority” mode. This thinking began when Silas was born, but now it’s kicked into high gear. When I have a few free minutes, I think to myself, “What is THE most important thing I should be doing in these five minutes?” For example, “Should I start the laundry or get dressed?” Being a mommy has made me more efficient.

The thought of taking both boys out of the house is daunting. For now, there won’t be any daytime grocery runs or errands. I’ll have to wait until the evenings or the weekends. Visits to the park are also on hold until I get this “mother of 2” thing down. My challenge this week is how to fix supper while keeping both boys happy and safe. I’m so glad the Moodys are coming next week!

Silas is a gentle big brother. He hasn’t seemed jealous of Cooper, but loves to narrate what Cooper is doing. “Baby Coop drink the milk” and “Baby Coop nap” are a couple phrases we’ve heard around here. Just yesterday when Cooper was crying, Silas brought Cooper’s pacifier and stuck it in Baby’s mouth. What a sweet brother! Silas’s level of comprehension and conversation surprises me daily. He strings 4 and 5 words together now. Just yesterday he said, “Time to eat the apple.” He seems so big now that we have a newborn in the house. Christmas morning is going to be a blast since Silas actually knows what’s going on this year!

Cooper is such a cuddlebug. I love to nuzzle his soft cheeks and fuzzy head. He is such a natural part of our family that we have to keep reminding ourselves how new he is. Cooper is growing so quickly that he’s already too big for some of his newborn clothes. He can focus his eyes on our faces now. Precious!

I love having a newborn at Christmas time. The Incarnation holds more meaning while rocking a tiny infant. Jesus Christ gave up so much to become one of us and to limit Himself to human form.

Thanking God for my blessed life–especially at Christmas.

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