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Ride ’em, Cowboy!

may1004The other weekend we took friends of ours, the Horkavys, to Rawhide–complete with gunfights in the streets, burro rides, and gold panning. may1007may1020

We visited the shops and attractions along the street. Stephen found a cowboy hat for himself, and Cooper looked adorable in his mini version. may1009may1006Too bad he didn’t want to wear it for very long, or I would’ve bought it for him.

The shooting gallery gave the guys a chance to show off their skills, may1010may1012and we watched some other visitors getting “locked up” in the local jail. may1008may1005At the blacksmith shop we bought some horseshoe coasters and had the letter “M” branded into the horse hide center.

Silas and Cooper played on the playground and visited the petting zoo. I even tried the climbing wall–fun stuff!may1019

We enjoyed the cowboy shows put on in the outdoor theater, may1015and chowed down on some serious meat at the Rawhide steakhouse. may1001may1021Cooper wasn’t interested in eating, so he and I went outside during sunset. Love this boy in the golden glow.may1022may1023may1002

Our visit was rounded out with a stagecoach ride and then a trip to the candy store. What a great day spent with friends we love!may1003


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  1. That looks like so much fun! I wouldn’t have been able to resist buying that cowboy hat for Cooper–so adorable. I am seriously impressed with you doing the climbing wall–you are a braver woman than I!!

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