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A Mother’s Day Lullaby

may2009On this day when we celebrate motherhood, I thought I would share one of my favorite lullabies. In fact, it was the first lullaby I sang to Cooper after his birth. may2007

Not only is this lullaby special, but its author is very special–she’s my closest friend, Rebekah Pringle. Her selfless, thoughtful love for me and my family is something to celebrate on this Mother’s Day!may2003may2004

Like the sky receiving sunrise,
Like new blossoms in the spring,
Your little form against my heart
Was crafted by God’s perfect art,
Always good in everything.

Priceless gift, eternal soul,
I sing because I know
That Someone greater loves you
Whose arms you can’t outgrow.

When the clouds God sends surround you,
When fierce winds attack and shake,
I’ll be as close as I can be,
But God who cares more faithfully
Will never fail you or forsake.

As a brilliant light in darkness,
As a tree beside pure streams,
A life in Christ, your greatest need,
God grants to those who humbly plead—
May His Truth inspire your dreams!

Because I love you, (baby),
I pray that you will know
The One true God Who loves you
And His peace you can’t outgrow.

©Rebekah M. Pringle
April 2011

As you rock your baby to sleep tonight or as you talk to your grown children on the phone today, remember that they can never get too big for God’s embrace.may2008

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