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Grace is a Person

This past Sunday was Silas’s first official time in Children’s Church. As a young church plant, Crossroad has had to be flexible with our service structure. We’ve offered a Children’s Church in the past, but recently, we haven’t had enough adult volunteers to adequately provide for a nursery and a children’s class.


Now that Crossroad Baptist of Buckeye has merged with Gateway Baptist to form Crossroad Baptist of AZ, we have more children and more adults. In fact, we’ve had three families join our membership so far in 2014!feb2002

So, when I picked up Silas from his class on Sunday, I asked him what he learned about. He answered, “The black sin.” I looked at his paper, and asked him what each of the pictures were. He told me, “the Bible,” “the black sin,” and “the red heart.” When I pointed to the picture of Jesus, Silas said, “Grace…Jesus.”

He got it! Jesus = grace. Jesus is grace embodied. What truth from a bitty boy’s mouth!

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