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Heart Day & Other Days

For this year’s valentines I used the Christmas pictures we had taken of the boys. With a picture like that on the front, of course the valentines were adorable!feb3002feb3003

On Valentine’s Day, the boys and I drove to Stephen’s office and picked him up for lunch at Chick-fil-a. Then Silas, Cooper and I met some friends at the Idea Museum in Mesa. feb3012feb3013We had visited the museum before it was renovated and renamed. It was fun for the boys to have friends to play with and such a big play place to explore for the afternoon! I loved not having to clean up any toys before we left. πŸ™‚feb3017feb3014(Though, Cooper didn’t enjoy the dog costume very much.)feb3016

Silas has recently loved wearing his superhero mask and cape. Usually his official title while wearing the costume is “Blue Superhero Good Guy,” and he insists that we address him as such! Here’s his ready-for-action pose.

feb3005Our superhero had his first dental x-rays last week. He was brave enough to have bite-wing x-rays done!feb3006

Just the other day, Silas received a letter in the mail from Grandma. It’s strange to think of Grandma buried under 10 inches of snow while we enjoy the sunny weather in our short sleeves.feb3018

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