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A Mommy Solution

Mothering tiny people often leaves little or no time for spiritual nourishment or personal growth. Nap time is a precious commodity that I can spend only so many ways.

There are cleaning priorities (mopping the floors or vacuuming the car) that are best done when the boys are safely otherwise occupied. There are personal priorities (writing, reading, or computer work) that are more enjoyable and efficient when littles aren’t disturbing me. There are health priorities (exercising on the elliptical or napping) that can be accomplished only when babies are asleep. And, most importantly, there are spiritual priorities (prayer and Bible study) that require concentration and quiet.jan2003

How can I–during this very busy stage of mothering–find time to nourish my soul, mind, and heart?

Recently, the anemic state of my soul has been staring me in the face. Something had to change.

By God’s grace, Stephen came up with a solution that has changed my life–literally. He bought me a Bluetooth headset.

Perhaps this is an obvious solution for most of you readers, but it has revolutionized my world. Listening to music, books, the Bible, or sermons was a great idea in theory, but the problem came when the boys would start crying or I had to leave the room and couldn’t hear whatever it was I was listening to.jan2001

When the boys are awake, it seems I’m constantly in motion. Between diapering, feeding, potty-training, refereeing sibling playtime, washing and folding laundry, and cleaning, I don’t stay stationery long or in one room of the house for long.

However, with the Bluetooth, the audio is right in my ear, and I can still hear it through the crying or when I walk into another room. The reception gets spotty when I stray too far from my laptop, but overall, it has worked well! Maybe using earbuds and a smartphone would work too, but I tend to think the earbud cables would be too much of a temptation for little hands. Usually, my Bluetooth is hiding under my hair just enough that the boys don’t even notice it’s there.

I love being able to listen to sermons, counseling sessions, scripture, music or audiobooks as I work around the house. Thank God for a loving, thoughtful husband who has equipped me to grow spiritually and personally through a simple piece of technology.

The Bluetooth is like an IV for my soul, pumping God’s truth into me throughout the day.

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