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My Little Parts of Speech

We’ve decided that Silas is a verb and Cooper is a noun. What do we mean?jan1001

Silas is, and always has been, constant action–a verb. He really wasn’t a cuddly baby, and “sitting on the couch with him” as a toddler meant that we sat on the couch and he crawled all over us. Silas is his own force of nature. He jumps, flies, runs, wiggles, dances, laughs, and sings. We love his exuberance for life!jan1002

Cooper, on the other hand, is a noun. He’s our mellow teddy bear. He loves to snuggle and will lay on his tummy on the carpet just to relax for a minute. We call him “The Coop.” He’s shy and prefers to be held by Mommy or Daddy. Cooper likes to wave and give high fives. I treasure his round little head resting on my chest.2014-01-22 06.26.35a

Our two little men are as different as can be, and we love them to pieces! How very fun to see God’s creativity in our boys.jan1003

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