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Special Visits

My Uncle Tim drove down from Pittsburgh on the day after Christmas. It was good to see him again and have him meet Cooper for the first time. The last time we saw Uncle Tim two years ago, he was meeting Silas for the first time.dec7004

We had another little Christmas, opening presents and singing carols with Uncle Tim. dec7001dec7002He spent the night and left early afternoon. It was fun to see Uncle Tim, Charis, & Ruth Anna playing Candy Land with Silas.dec7003

Friday night, my cousin Laura and her husband, baby, and mom were supposed to arrive in West Virginia so they could visit with us all day Saturday. dec8003dec8009Unfortunately their vehicle broke down about an hour away, and they had to find a hotel room late that night. What an ordeal it was–especially with a four month old! (See Laura’s post for all the “fun” details.)

So, Saturday morning, Stephen picked up their rental car and drove over to Grantsville, MD to rescue Laura, Chuck, Paige and Aunt Debby. They were a bit frazzled when they arrived, but it was so very good to see all of them and to meet Paige for the first time!dec8001dec8002

I loved holding Paige and kissing her chubby cheeks. Her wobbly head and tiny feet are endearing. It was such fun to take Cooper and Paige out in their strollers for a walk around the neighborhood. I’ve been wanting to do “mommy stuff” together with Laura, and I finally had my chance. It was sweet to take cousin pictures–both 1st cousins dec8006and 2nd cousins.dec8007dec8008

The Monday after Christmas was spent visiting the Bells. dec9001Grandma always puts out a huge spread, and it was a delicious dinner as always. We exchanged presents, watched a movie, and introduced our little Cooper to “Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Bell.”dec9002dec9003

Holidays are extra special when they can be shared with the people we love.

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