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My Own Personal Suction Cup

If there’s one thing about him, Cooper has a grip. And he just won’t let go of Mommy.Sept27001

Right now, he’s particularly attached to me as he seems to be having lots of separation anxiety on the few occasions that I leave him with someone else. The other night while I was attending Ladies’ Bible study, Stephen said Cooper would crawl from room to room looking for me and crying. Poor baby!Sept27002

His tiny baby arms squeezing my neck are darling! Cooper’s been endearing himself to us even more with his, “Da-da-da”s and “Ma-ma-ma”s.Sept27004

He likes to dance by bouncing up and down on his chubby legs. And he’s figured out how to push his baby bike around while walking. Crinkling paper seems to especially delight him.Sept27006Sept27007

This month we purchased a convertible car seat for Silas and moved Cooper into the rear-facing toddler seat. At nine months he had already outgrown his infant car seat! I think he likes being able to see more out the windows.Sept27005

Happy 10 months, Cooper Andrew. One day soon, you’ll be walking on your own, and then I’ll miss those baby fingers holding on to me.Sept27003

2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Suction Cup

  1. What a sweetie pie! It’s so sad when they change from babies to toddlers, but so cute at the same time. 🙂 You have two cute boys there!

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